Charitable Service Programs

Local Programs

The service committee members are committed to the mission of our Club.  We are involved in International and local projects.  Some of the local ones are:

—Dictionaries for all 3rd grade children in the North Fork Valley area every year

—Road clean-up on Hwy 133 twice a year

—Bell ringers for the Salvation Army every Christmas for the holiday season

—Support of the local boys Babe Ruth Baseball team and the girls soft ball team

—Food distribution in partnership with the area food banks and Helping Hands

—Starting of and continuing support to a local food program for the area schools, Helping Hands

—Building a a library gazebo for the Boys and Girls reading clubs

—Cooking and serving the Bountiful Brunch at each years Harvest Festival

—Raising money for scholarships for local High school students

—Funding for handicapped restroom facilities for one of the area’s  cultural centers

—Supporting the North Fork Children’s Christmas party

—Various funding for individual children and teams to attend conferences, meetings and competitions


International Projects

—Support of a Rotary Exchange student

—Funding a member of the Phnom  Penh Metro Club

—Support for the St. Mary’s Parish School, Jamaica, breakfast program for 3 years and a mission trip

           to help build the school gardens and 125 other gardens in the neighborhood 

— School supplies for the St. Mary’s school 

—Leveling/Building a soccer field for the school

—Building a library for the school and finishing books for it